I Am Second… (Am I?)


I am sure you’ve heard of it or seen it. It’s all over social media. Famous Actors, musicians, athletes, and business owners are part of it.

However, If you are not familiar with it let me briefly explain. “I am second” is a movement to help people put Christ first in their lives. You can buy bracelets, shirts, sweatshirts and other items with “I am second” written on them. It was founded in 2008, but it didn’t hit off until just recently. And it’s helped many people to overcome their struggles and problems. It think the idea is wonderful.

Many people have been saved and had their lives been completely changed because of it, and that’s amazing. By putting God first and themselves/yourself second, is where they got their name, “I am second”. Like I said, the idea is wonderful, placing God first is incredibly important. But there is a big problem. Their name. The Bible tells us that we are third. Not Second, third.

You know the word JOY. Especially now that we are in the holiday season you see it on plaques, coffee cups, store fronts and many other things. But did you know Joy is an acronym? It stands for ‘Jesus, Others, Yourself’.

We need to place Jesus Christ (Son Of God, Second Person in the Trinity) at the forefront of our lives, but we shouldn’t be second. It’s not Jesus, Yourself, Others, it’s Others THEN yourself. We should be third.

I want to encourage you to put others in front of yourself. Think of their needs before your own. How about doing some selfless act towards someone? Whether it’s stopping in on them to see how they are doing, lending a listening ear, bringing them a meal, or buying them a coffee.

Build people up,  encourage them, care for them and show them that you think about them. After all. Wouldn’t you want that done to you? Wouldn’t it make you feel special, important and loved?

We, as a nation, and as individuals, need to place others ahead of ourselves. It’s not easy, but not much that matters is.

~What are your thoughts on the “I am Second” movement?~

Have a great Thanksgiving and place others ahead of you.


(*Disclaimer: I do not own the picture I used!)


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