Project Updates

Due to Advent, Christmas and the New Year, I have been doing very little knitting. I have finished only three projects in the last month and a half.



I made this pair of socks with the remaining yarn from a previous Custom Order. I really like the colors in it, and the yarn itself is very soft. (Links:

As two of my favorite things are Fingerless mitts and cables… I combined the two to make these.  (You can see more pictures on my project page on Ravelry:

And on my Etsy Listing: )

And last, but definitely not least, I made a little cardigan (Orange and Purple) but I still have to add buttons and therefore is not in the shop yet. I had a lot of fun making it! =)


It is tiny in size. Newborn/ 0-3 Month. And I really like it.

What do you like? Leave a comment below.

Happy Epiphany to all!

Hasta la vista.




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