First Time Snowboarding

On Wednesday (the 13th) I got to experience snowboarding for the first time ever. The best words I would use to describe it: thrilling, epic, and wonderful. I saw amazing scenery, and got to experience a lot of Joy… and falling. It was so worth the falls though. God has blessed us with an amazing creation to enjoy, and a feel so blessed to have been able to experience some of it.

We went to Sugar Mountain Resort in North Carolina and it was a beautiful day for snowboarding (or skiing).


The view.



Here I am, enjoying the day. Just kidding, this is a cool picture I found on the web.


Seriously though, here am I on the double black diamond… looking super epic with the sun right there and someone in a (probably) uncomfortable position taking a picture.



(Just kidding about the last picture too) I actually looked like this for over half the time. But it was so worth it.




(This layout is in need of a slight update. But over all, this is the mountain)

I had (let me repeat) and amazing time. I’m so thankful that I got to go.

Hasta la vista




*Disclaimer. I do not own these pictures. (Unfortunately I did not have a camera) I got them off of the web.


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