Money For Missions


Young couple run together on a sunset

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Dear friends and family, please take a minute to read this. There is a group of us nationwide, trying to raise money for which is going towards Meals, Mercy, Music and Medicine. (M4) If you want to be a part, you can,
a. Support a friend or family member who has signed up to run/walk a 5K to raise money.
b. Sign yourself up to run/walk a 5K, (Which you can do on your treadmill, on a track or with a group running near your hometown) to raise money.
·I WANT TO SUPPORT A FRIEND- If your friend or family member has signed up to run and given you thier racers ID, Click the link: and fill out the info. (For instance, I am running, so my info is Name: Susanna Dewey and Racer ID: 355.) And then give as much as God is calling you to, whether it’s 50 cents or $200.00. There is no minimum or limit.
·I WANT TO RUN/WALK A 5K TO HELP SUPPORT- Click the link: and sign yourself up in a race near you, (or start you own race if you want to do it on your treadmill or with just your family. )
It costs $20.00 and you get a t-shirt, wristband and all the info that you need to get your friends/family to support you. Raise as much money for the cause as you can and it all goes straight to the 4 M’s mentioned above, through MissionToMyanmar.
·I WANT TO START A GROUP 5K RUN NEAR ME- message me and I will give you the info. or click this link: and learn about it.
Thank you.
💜 Susanna


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