What Is Love? (Pt. 2)

(Picking back up on the subject, but branching off of my last post on it)

Most people when they hear the word ‘love’, think of a warm fuzzy feeling, or always agreeing with your spouse which makes a perfect marriage. Or maybe love is always being “nice” and never being stern, or not saying what you believe is right or wrong if it makes the other person feel uncomfortable.

Well, let me tell you, loving someone is a lot more messy then that. Loving someone is telling them when you think they are doing something wrong, always looking out for their good, even if they don’t want to hear it and want to do their own thing. As they say, “Yeah, maybe I will mess up, but it’s okay, because hey! We are after all, only human.” Right?

Let me give you an example. Sally and Nancy are best friends, Sally sees that Nancy has started “taking” little things from random places. A box of crackers from Wal-Mart, a chapstick from Ross. The world would tell Sally that love is to just leave Nancy alone, let her make her own mistakes and learn from them. What’s a box of crackers anyways? Or a $2.00 lip balm?

Well, little things become big things, and soon she’ll be stealing million dollar bracelets. Not that stealing is better if it costs less, but once you start, and if you aren’t approached with the heart of the matter, there will be no end. No boundary. Soon Nancy could be in prison for life. And when Sally visits her friend, Nancy will be crying on the other side of the glass, asking why you (Sally) didn’t stop her, help her realize what she was getting herself into. And the only thing Sally can respond with, is: “I didn’t want to sound insensitive or sound like I was judging you for who you are, I didn’t want to loose our friendship.” Which sounds pretty lame considering you watched her steal her way towards prison, and said nothing.

The other option is going up to Nancy and telling her that she needs to stop because she is doing wrong. Maybe Nancy will realize that you (Sally) are right, thank you for correcting her and change her ways. Maybe she’ll tell you childishly, that you are judging her and that she no longer wants to be friends. But true love is telling her.

Tell her, lovingly but sternly, that she needs to change, because that is love. That is truly caring. Pray for her, and maybe in two days or ten years, she will tell you honestly; that the step you took to truly care for her, made the biggest difference.


Thanks for reading my rant.






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