Who Was Adolf Hitler?

I know. You’re probably thinking, “Of course I know who Adolf Hitler was. Where is she going with this? And why is she writing a post about the most notorious mass murderer in history?”…

There are three reasons: 1) I have been studying WWII and Adolf Hitler (which has included reading his 720 page autobiography/propaganda filled book); 2) Today marks 128 years since his birth; and, 3) Many don’t actually know that much about Hitler, except that he was the world’s most infamous dictator, and a mass murderer. So, I am going to give a synopsis about his life.


Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889, in Austria, to Alois and Klara Hitler.

From a young age, Adolf was constantly rubbing shoulders with his equally stubborn father. When Alois wanted his son to follow in his footsteps by studying financing, Adolf purposefully did poorly at school in the hopes that his father would relent and let him study the much preferred subjects of Art or Architecture.


(Adolf at around age 10)

When Alois died suddenly in 1903, Adolf’s mother allowed him to enroll in a different school where his performance improved.

In December of 1907 (When Adolf was just 18) his beloved mother died of breast cancer, leaving him orphaned and homeless in Vienna. He was rejected twice from the Academy Of Fine Arts In Vienna and forced to work for a living. During this time he was introduced to racism and, some suggest this is also when he embraced anti-semitism.

He moved to Munich in 1913 and in listed in the Bavarian Army at the outbreak of World War I  (or as it was then known, The Great War) where he was wounded, temporarily blinded, and received several badges for bravery.

In 1919 Hitler joined the German Worker’s Party, which later changed it’s name to the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (the Nazis). Hitler himself designed the banner.


(A Swastika in a white circle with a red background)


He was discharged from the army in 1920, and he began to work full time for the “Party.”    Hitler was an impressive speaker and soon people were flocking to hear him rage against the unfairness of the Treaty Of Versailles, and his hate of Marxists and Jews.

Influenced by Mussolini’s March On Rome, Hitler and his “Beer Hall Putsch” marched to overthrow the Bavarian Government. Twenty people were killed in the failed attempt, and Hitler was arrested for treason and placed in prison, where he wrote part of his autobiography. Released in late December of 1924, Hitler rebuilt the National Socialist German Worker’s Party and sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his book which laid out his plans of transforming Germany into one, pure race.

Adolf Hitler

In January of 1933, Adolf Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany. In July of that year, the Nazi Party was named the only legal party in that country.

In 1934, the President of Germany died, and his role in office was merged with Hitler’s role as Chancellor, making him Führer. In the following years Hitler continued to gain power and soldiers, eliminating anyone who opposed him publicly.

On September 1, 1939, the German army invaded Poland, starting the Second World War of which all major countries (and many minor) in the world took part.

As Germany invaded country after country, Hitler’s numerous death camps appeared. Horrible atrocities were committed on people solely because of their ethnicity, color, age or disabilities. Hitler’s plan for a pure world could include nothing less than strong, healthy, young, and fit “Aryans.” Men and woman, young and old, were shot, starved or worked to death, sent to the gas chambers, burnt alive and mass murdered; all because of one ruler’s twisted beliefs, other wicked men (and women), and the blind obedience of his followers.


Once a young boy, devastated by the loss of his brother, and later his parents; Hitler is now responsible for the worst mass murdering the world had ever seen. (Only the number of babies killed since 1980, which is more than 1,000,000,000, tops Adolf Hitler in intentional killing)

The number of deaths caused by the Holocaust stands around 10,000,000. The number of deaths during World War II stands over 60,000,000 people (over 40,000,000 of which were civilians).

When Hitler realized the loss of the war was inevitable, he ordered his labor camps to start killing their workers. It was his last attempt to “cleanse” the world.

In April of 1945, shortly after his 56th birthday, he and his newly wed wife, Eva, killed themselves. Ending Hitler’s 12 year reign of terror.






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