Moscow Trip Homework (pt. 2)

As you may remember, last month I shared a bit of some non fiction I wrote while at a writing conference in Moscow, Idaho. 

Well, I have another fragment of writing to share with you. I hope you enjoy it. If there is something you especially like or dislike, just drop a comment. I would love to get some feedback.

A young woman animatedly places her order across the counter to the employee who wears all black, apron included. The name of the coffeehouse is embroidered in gold lettering on his chest.

Students, teachers, mothers, writers all gather to do homework, grade papers, catch up with friends or get a lunch.The smell of fresh coffee mixes with the odors of bread, soup and the regular smells of the human body; the sweat, perfume and laundry detergent.The coffee machines mummer. Voices chatter indistinctly. People’s names are called out as their orders are ready for pickup. Change jingles as it passes hands and fingers click on keyboards. The refrigerator hums with electricity and forks clatter on plates.

Shoulders ache from constantly carrying full backpacks. Feet sweat unpleasantly in boots while the heat warms bones chilled by the cold weather. Stomachs fill with the food that will now fuel their bodies to allow them to continue on with life, the added bonus is that the food also appeases the taste buds.

Bookshelves covered in books line the walls, giving the place the feel of a home. Soft classical music plays in the background. Somebody falls asleep. They are probably a college student in desperate need of sleep, but unless his snores tell, or a friend walks in, no one will know. 

Remember to always seek truth, goodness and beauty.

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Historic Abingdon Virginia

We live just outside of a beautiful old town. And I finally got around to taking pictures of it. This is Abingdon, Virginia. A city founded in 1778. A city where George and Martha Washington stayed in and passed through. A city where at least one of the buildings (still being used) was made into a hospital when the Civil War was in progress.


Is it not beautiful? Leave a comment with how old your town is.

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