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PurlsByGrace Shop will be closed over the spring and summer due to traveling across the country and some other factors. I still plan on blogging and am very excited to see/share new plans for this blog soon, but I am closing the knitting side of it for now.

I apologize for the slow blog posts, but stay tuned for more exciting ones in the near future, including stories, photography, randomness and more!


Spring Is Here!

IMG_6888….Winter’s over, spring time is here!

Well, in Arizona there isn’t really much of a difference between Winter and Spring except about 5-10 degree change.

Here are some pictures I took of the very few flowers and plants around where we are staying.

I thought this one was the prettiest! 😉  (Though I’m not very good, I love taking pictures!)IMG_6890IMG_6891IMG_6887IMG_6886

Mis Matched Fingerless Mitts…

(My sister is a great model! ;) )

My sister makes a great model! 😉 IMG_5076IMG_5075 (Oops, I got my foot in the picture, really don’t know how…)IMG_5073

So, I made these Fingerless Mitts for my Shop (I love fingerless mittens so of course I had to make some) out of a lot of extra cool yarn, and it made up a pretty cool color combination. Do you like the colors?

Enjoy, Susanna

Custom Order For My Shop.


Custom order for 5 Stocking Ornaments.


…And 5 Mitten Ornaments, as you can see, I only have one done.. But it’s going good.

Recently, I got two custom orders from two sweet ladies, one wanted 10 Ornaments for an Advent Calendar (Awesome idea) and the progress is in the pictures above, I found it awesome to work on these and am definitely going to put them in my shop.  Next..


I got an order for an adult size of the cute Fox Mittens that I had made for a toddler.

I’ll upload the finished pictures soon! =)

I’d love to know what you think. Just comment below. Thanks. 🙂