History Of Valentine’s Day

How many of you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Either as a special day to show your significant other that you love them, or as an excuse to buy yourself some much needed chocolate as you mourn the fact that you are single, and no one is going to buy the chocolate for you. Or send you some roses. (Gotcha)  But do you even know the story behind this special day? Well. I am going to tell you it, so snuggle up and tuck your blanket under your chin… just kidding, it’s fairly short.

Once Upon A Time there was a man, the Roman Emperor in fact. This man’s name was Cladius II or Cladius Gothicus as he was later called. He was a great military leader and won many victories for Rome (though some of his conquests were frowned upon for being unnecessarily).

Cladius soon found that he didn’t have enough soldiers for his liking. Men who were married had a stronger attachment to home and therefore less interest in joining the army; he decided. So to fix this “problem”, Cladius banned all marriages and engagements in Rome, in the belief that this would increase his army’s strength.

Valentine, a Christian Priest, chose to ignore this decree, realizing the injustice of it and the real problems that might come from forbidding marriage (A sacred act between a man and a woman for life). Our hero continued to preform marriages, but in secret.

Before too long Cladius was bound to find out about him, but that did not deter Valentine, he continued the marriage ceremonies.  Sure enough, he was seized and thrown into prison. Not long after, he was killed. Valentine was first beaten, then stoned and finally beheaded, on the fourteenth of February, around the year 279 AD.  

Emperor Cladius II died of the plague not long after.


Basically the moral of the story is to all you lovers/soul mates/couples/strangers who met today for the first time… just get married already. Who knows, soon we might have a Cladius on our hands….( Just kidding, you can keep your shirt on).  But seriously, did my story interest you? Or have you already heard the great tale?


P.S. Legend has it that the last words Valentine ever wrote, were in the form of a letter,  and read: “From Your Valentine”.


News / Update

PurlsByGrace Shop will be closed over the spring and summer due to traveling across the country and some other factors. I still plan on blogging and am very excited to see/share new plans for this blog soon, but I am closing the knitting side of it for now.

I apologize for the slow blog posts, but stay tuned for more exciting ones in the near future, including stories, photography, randomness and more!

Gratitude For 2016

Yes, I know. 2016 wasn’t unicorns and glitter, but there is a whole list of things that I am incredibly grateful for. Here are some things I was able to do in this past year.

I enjoyed Spring Training in Arizona with swimming, baseball games, sunshine, ice cream, and hot air balloons. When we returned home for a few months, I did some camping, knitting, writing, farm work, and threw a surprise birthday party for my sisters.
June rolled around and our family welcomed the first grandson/nephew, we paid a short visit to my brother (a Marine) at his base, and spent a few hours at the beach. We took a small vacation where we visited Mt. Rushmore among other places, and enjoyed the beautiful drive to Montana for the baseball season, where I went hiking, rock climbing and ran a 5K at the capitol. Got to enjoy baseball games and a wonderful library.
During the summer we also visited the stunning Glacier National Park, made new friends, visited old ones and experienced new things.
Fall/Winter brought us home once more (not before visiting Yellowstone National Park, The Grand Tetons and some friends) where we enjoyed the beautiful seasons, some quiet time, and celebrated Advent and Christmas with family and friends.

I have grown in many ways this year, and I am eternally grateful to God for all he has blessed me with. There were hardships, but God brought me through with His deep love and grace.
Enjoy this new year and always be grateful.


Blog Ideas

Hi friends and family,

I realize that it has been many months since my last post, and I apologize. I would, however, like your opinion on something. (Yes you) What do you all like me to post? I know my posts are entirely random. (From pictures, to knitting, writing, and life updates) But what do you all enjoy to see? I have been having a hard time finding the right inspiration for my posts and really want to hear your opinion. So comment below what you would like to see me post, even if I haven’t posted in that category before.

Thank you.


What Is Love? (Pt. 2)

(Picking back up on the subject, but branching off of my last post on it)

Most people when they hear the word ‘love’, think of a warm fuzzy feeling, or always agreeing with your spouse which makes a perfect marriage. Or maybe love is always being “nice” and never being stern, or not saying what you believe is right or wrong if it makes the other person feel uncomfortable.

Well, let me tell you, loving someone is a lot more messy then that. Loving someone is telling them when you think they are doing something wrong, always looking out for their good, even if they don’t want to hear it and want to do their own thing. As they say, “Yeah, maybe I will mess up, but it’s okay, because hey! We are after all, only human.” Right?

Let me give you an example. Sally and Nancy are best friends, Sally sees that Nancy has started “taking” little things from random places. A box of crackers from Wal-Mart, a chapstick from Ross. The world would tell Sally that love is to just leave Nancy alone, let her make her own mistakes and learn from them. What’s a box of crackers anyways? Or a $2.00 lip balm?

Well, little things become big things, and soon she’ll be stealing million dollar bracelets. Not that stealing is better if it costs less, but once you start, and if you aren’t approached with the heart of the matter, there will be no end. No boundary. Soon Nancy could be in prison for life. And when Sally visits her friend, Nancy will be crying on the other side of the glass, asking why you (Sally) didn’t stop her, help her realize what she was getting herself into. And the only thing Sally can respond with, is: “I didn’t want to sound insensitive or sound like I was judging you for who you are, I didn’t want to loose our friendship.” Which sounds pretty lame considering you watched her steal her way towards prison, and said nothing.

The other option is going up to Nancy and telling her that she needs to stop because she is doing wrong. Maybe Nancy will realize that you (Sally) are right, thank you for correcting her and change her ways. Maybe she’ll tell you childishly, that you are judging her and that she no longer wants to be friends. But true love is telling her.

Tell her, lovingly but sternly, that she needs to change, because that is love. That is truly caring. Pray for her, and maybe in two days or ten years, she will tell you honestly; that the step you took to truly care for her, made the biggest difference.


Thanks for reading my rant.





Glacier National Park

On August first. Our family got to experience the wonders of Glacier National Park. I thought I’d share some pictures with you all. IMG_1730IMG_1735







There was a fire here (at GNP) last year that burned down a lot a trees, but it was all still very beautiful, and the water was amazingly blue! And there was snow, no more than five feet from our car. 😉

Have you been to Glacier?


11 Questions…



Abbie at https://chroniclesinbloom.wordpress.com
tagged me to do this blog post, with 11 questions she asked me. So here we go.

1:Is there any story as to why you were given your name? Not really. Just a bible name (Luke 8:3)
2:Are you a night owl or early bird? Mostly night owl, wish I was an early bird though.
3:What is your favorite breakfast? Cup of coffee and granola bars.
4:How would you describe your style? Casual (I guess😐)
5:What is your dream occupation? Oh man…. author, singer/songwriter would be top two. But I have more then I could write down here.
6: 3 favorite boy names? Frederick, Joshua, Jedidiah.
7: 3 favorite girl names? Lydia Grace, Corrie, Lucy,
8:Where would you like to travel? Swiss Alps, New Zealand… the whole globe.
9:Favorite part of your daily routine? Reading.
10:What song gives you the most feels and why? Probably Nearer My God To Thee. (BYU Vocal) just because it’s that amazing!
11:If you could learn to do one (creative) thing perfectly, what would it be? Music. (Playing and writing)


Is there anything you can relate to?