History Of Valentine’s Day

How many of you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Either as a special day to show your significant other that you love them, or as an excuse to buy yourself some much needed chocolate as you mourn the fact that you are single, and no one is going to buy the chocolate for you. Or send you some roses. (Gotcha)  But do you even know the story behind this special day? Well. I am going to tell you it, so snuggle up and tuck your blanket under your chin… just kidding, it’s fairly short.

Once Upon A Time there was a man, the Roman Emperor in fact. This man’s name was Cladius II or Cladius Gothicus as he was later called. He was a great military leader and won many victories for Rome (though some of his conquests were frowned upon for being unnecessarily).

Cladius soon found that he didn’t have enough soldiers for his liking. Men who were married had a stronger attachment to home and therefore less interest in joining the army; he decided. So to fix this “problem”, Cladius banned all marriages and engagements in Rome, in the belief that this would increase his army’s strength.

Valentine, a Christian Priest, chose to ignore this decree, realizing the injustice of it and the real problems that might come from forbidding marriage (A sacred act between a man and a woman for life). Our hero continued to preform marriages, but in secret.

Before too long Cladius was bound to find out about him, but that did not deter Valentine, he continued the marriage ceremonies.  Sure enough, he was seized and thrown into prison. Not long after, he was killed. Valentine was first beaten, then stoned and finally beheaded, on the fourteenth of February, around the year 279 AD.  

Emperor Cladius II died of the plague not long after.


Basically the moral of the story is to all you lovers/soul mates/couples/strangers who met today for the first time… just get married already. Who knows, soon we might have a Cladius on our hands….( Just kidding, you can keep your shirt on).  But seriously, did my story interest you? Or have you already heard the great tale?


P.S. Legend has it that the last words Valentine ever wrote, were in the form of a letter,  and read: “From Your Valentine”.