We had a very dry summer and beginning of fall. And because of that, we are just now seeing true colors of leaves. It is just now beginning to look like Autumn. 

And, we have been getting a good amount of rain recently, which has brought forth some spectacular clouds/sky.

…And the corn is finally growing! 

Also, while I was taking pictures of the land, I came across my sisters having a cute little tea party on the porch.

(They have a party crasher… Titus wasn’t invited)
How does Autumn look where you live? Drop a picture in the comments, I’d love to see.
Until next time,



Ark Encounter


On Wednesday, September 12, 2017, A family of thirteen (remaining at home) stopped in Williamstown, Kentucky to visit the Ark replica. That family was mine, and we were enjoying our Christmas gift. We were traveling back from Montana, and only five short hours away from our home we hadn’t seen in seven months.
The first glimpse we saw (coming over a hill) of the ark, was just the height and depth, and we were already surprised by its size. By the time we stepped off the bus and were walking towards our destination and could fully see the length, its magnitude amazed us.
As the world’s largest timber made structure, the Ark itself stands almost eight stories from the ground with a width of 85 feet.
Over one and a half times the length of a football field, this well designed, rectangular box (for my lack of a better shape name) is the same measurements as the one Noah built, thousands of years ago, by the instruction of God. It was to hold eight people and two of every kind of animal, (seven of the clean/sacrificial animals) for over a year.
Just image that for a minute. Eight people… hundreds of animals & reptiles… for over a year… while God destroyed the world and everything in it, with a flood.
I had thought of it and read the account several times previously, but nothing really prepared me for seeing its size myself.
Several things were also brought to light that I hadn’t thought of before. For instance, how they got fresh water for so many creatures; how they received light, artificial and real; and how they got rid of all the waste. (Eww!)
The complexion of it was amazing. The wisdom that Noah must have received in building and handling it all is mind blowing.

I encourage you to read the true account for yourselves in Genesis, chapters 6-8, and if at all possible to visit the Ark as well.
It is well worth the cost and time.

Until next time,


11 Questions…



Abbie at
tagged me to do this blog post, with 11 questions she asked me. So here we go.

1:Is there any story as to why you were given your name? Not really. Just a bible name (Luke 8:3)
2:Are you a night owl or early bird? Mostly night owl, wish I was an early bird though.
3:What is your favorite breakfast? Cup of coffee and granola bars.
4:How would you describe your style? Casual (I guess😐)
5:What is your dream occupation? Oh man…. author, singer/songwriter would be top two. But I have more then I could write down here.
6: 3 favorite boy names? Frederick, Joshua, Jedidiah.
7: 3 favorite girl names? Lydia Grace, Corrie, Lucy,
8:Where would you like to travel? Swiss Alps, New Zealand… the whole globe.
9:Favorite part of your daily routine? Reading.
10:What song gives you the most feels and why? Probably Nearer My God To Thee. (BYU Vocal) just because it’s that amazing!
11:If you could learn to do one (creative) thing perfectly, what would it be? Music. (Playing and writing)


Is there anything you can relate to?


Miles4Myanmar Helena Run!

The 5K run was today and we had lots of fun (and some pain for us non-runners) running for our brothers and sisters in Myanmar. Thank you all for your prayers and support! God has worked wonders through this (MissionToMyanmar) mission field.

The actual distance we ran was 3.2 miles, which I think is 0.1 longer then a 5K, but who cares? Except our legs and lungs.

Here are a few pictures I took. (we ran at the Montana State Capitol and got to take  a tour of it)

photo 1-3-2

Our team! #helena5K #Miles4Myanmar

photo 5-3-2

The capitol building.

photo 3-5-2photo 4-2-2

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Have a merry weekend and a blessed Sunday! And in all things, honor God.


Support My Run

If you read my last post, you know what I’m talking about when I say:
Please support my in a 5K I will be running in July, to raise money for to use on meals, medicine, music and mercy to those in need. To give, click the link: and give as much as you are able. May the lord bless you richly.
My family and I will be running this in Helena, Montana. (The race name is RockyMountainDew 5K) If you want to run the 5K with us or with a group in your area go to and click Run/Walk.

Camp Out!

Yesterday and today several of us children got to go camping a few miles away. Other then rain all night (which got us a little wet) we had an excellent time!




The two tents.


We set up the tents first then headed over to the dock to do a little fishing before it got too dark.



(And some drawing)


Then a fire and some tea. (We won’t mention how long it took to get the fire started)





We also lost our voices singing songs fast and loud.


Fishing supplies

After a pretty good night’s rest and a good breakfast, there was more fishing, reading, drawing, and jumping/swimming in the (very cold) river.






Josiah is the only one who caught a fish. (And it was little)




Good read.


Watch out for the hook… and worm.

We had a blast and enjoyed God’s wonderful creation.

What is your favorite thing about spring?

💜 Susanna


First Time Snowboarding

On Wednesday (the 13th) I got to experience snowboarding for the first time ever. The best words I would use to describe it: thrilling, epic, and wonderful. I saw amazing scenery, and got to experience a lot of Joy… and falling. It was so worth the falls though. God has blessed us with an amazing creation to enjoy, and a feel so blessed to have been able to experience some of it.

We went to Sugar Mountain Resort in North Carolina and it was a beautiful day for snowboarding (or skiing).


The view.



Here I am, enjoying the day. Just kidding, this is a cool picture I found on the web.


Seriously though, here am I on the double black diamond… looking super epic with the sun right there and someone in a (probably) uncomfortable position taking a picture.



(Just kidding about the last picture too) I actually looked like this for over half the time. But it was so worth it.




(This layout is in need of a slight update. But over all, this is the mountain)

I had (let me repeat) and amazing time. I’m so thankful that I got to go.

Hasta la vista




*Disclaimer. I do not own these pictures. (Unfortunately I did not have a camera) I got them off of the web.